K-12 Civil Leadership™ Explained By Dr. Ri’Cha ri Sancho


It’s an honor to be able to introduce the beginnings of the initiative K-12 Civil Leadership™! We will feature content to help engage and inform K-12 and higher education advocates in the areas of community, collaboration, and improving student interactions among diverse student groups.

Education advocates are a special breed with special hearts, always expanding to be More Flexible as education trends morph school climates faster than school days can progress!

One thing that remains constant is that the demographics in the United States are estimated to change significantly by 2035, according to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau. Two of the three major changes in the population shift for 2035 relate to immigrants making the U.S. home in large numbers and baby boomers progressing in age.  Education environments and communities are expected to provide stability for the students who will experience these changes.

We want to tell you more! Although K-12 Civil Leadership (K-12CL) training focuses on servicing three distinct groups: (a) district level education leaders, (b) school administrators, and (c) educators, we will also offer supportive resources, guest blogger insight, and diverse outlooks to help school leaders and post-secondary students alike, to reach their goals (a little “something” for everyone).

Peruse our growing site! We are learning together, and our focus is on you! Click on the links when you see them. We will try to keep content relevant to the K-12CL focus.

Covid19, changing demographics, racial & political discord, no worries…we support one another!

Comment below and share please. What types of resources are you in need of currently?  What is happening in your educational institution, classroom, or organization in the midst of this new 2020-2021 landscape?

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K-12 Civil Leadership is dedicated to preserving racial and ethnic minority psychological safety by offering research & training to education leaders, education advocates, and organization leaders. Teaching collaboration through education-community partnerships, we can leverage positive social interactions in K-12 students to make a bold impact on generations to come.

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