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LSN KIDS was established in 2007, turned 501c3 in 2011 with mission to encourage cultural intelligence in students through the arts, world language, and cultural literacy.
LSN KIDS Programs includes:

Cultural Literacy Program (virtual) – K-8 students are taught fundamentals of reading through a combination of phonemic and sight-reading techniques rooted in diverse, cultural content, inclusive of geography. |

Youth Build-A-Book Project3rd-12th grade students learn to publish a book from start to finish.

LSN KIDS Outreach includes:

Covid-19 Food Relief for Student Families -rotating application period

LSN KIDS Activities includes:

Puzzltivity™ – 3 -12th students participate in cognitive challenges with cultural themes in an annual problem-solving event.

Cultural Contests K-12 students complete contest forms related to ethnic and heritage based celebratory months.

LSN KIDS Scholarships includes:

The Corporal Freddie Stowers Distinction in Diversity Scholarship (8th – 9th and 10th – 12th [2 awards]) & The Cultural Community Scholarship

LSN KIDS is a non-profit organization, with an all-volunteer staff. For this reason, donations are very appreciated and are used to support student activities, outreach endeavors, and scholarship awards.

Donate to LSN KIDS directly here…

All proceeds (100%) from donations are eligible for tax-deduction and are applied directly to programs, youth activities, materials, and scholarship awards. *Add the name of the Program you would like your funds applied to from above or leave blank for general operation. Increase quantity to donate per $1.


Please consider donating to help fund our youth programs.
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