Words of Change

Gain wisdom from dedicated Mental Health Professionals serving ethnic and non-ethnic populations, as they answer the question:
“As a Mental Health Provider, what changes have you seen in mental health practices since the arrival of covid19 last year?


“The COVID 19 virus ensured that the use of Telehealth for providing mental health counseling and other medical services gained momentum. Using methods of electronic health records, Zoom, FaceTime, and Duo led to more efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness in technology for providing services. This increased Efficiency in Telehealth and we are achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. Telehealth is very convenient. Also, Efficacy in Telehealth Counseling is evident by the ability professionals have to produce a desired or intended result for clients and patients. Finally, COVID 19 paved the way for Effectiveness in Telehealth services and the degree to which health care providers are successful.”

Dr. Debra King, CEO of C.A.R.E. Consortium

Andrea Williams, MA, Mental Health Professional

“Due to the Covid 19 disruptions of face-to-face mental health services, mental health has been challenged to change the way we provide necessary services. In addition to the way mental health services have always been provided, mental health services are now providing telehealth services such as teletherapy and telemedicine. We are battling even more issues of anxiety, depression, grief, unemployment, finances, loss of loved ones, loss of possessions, lack of social wellness, divorce, substance use, political divisions, and cultural divide.  These are not even all of what we are seeing during this pandemic. Not only are our adults faced with dealing with these issues, but our children are also faced with the same issues but at a greater level including a break in their routines and learning. They also have difficulties expressing their emotions appropriately and even being understood. The CDC has developed the Parental Resources Kit for children and youth for social, emotional, and mental health needs.”

Andrea Williams, MA, Mental Health Professional (Education System)

Devin Myers, MA, LPCA

“As a health care provider, I have noticed some necessary, yet difficult changes, regarding mental health practices. A large portion of the work that we do requires face to face communication. To keep those we serve safe, we must socially distance while wearing masks, or provide services in a virtual setting. The challenge with this is that providers may struggle to create the needed emotional environment for their clients. I practice from a belief that emotions motivate change within the individual. Helping clients to access their emotions will take a bit more time as they navigate through all the changes that are occurring around them and within the world. I ask that you not give yourself any unnecessary stress in reading this though. We mental health professionals are more than willing to do what it takes to help clients through this turbulent time! Take deep, slow breaths. You got this!”

Devin Myers, MA, LPCA (Juvenile System)

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