K-12 Civil Leadership

Conceptualized by Dr. Ri’Cha ri Sancho, K-12 Civil Leadership (K-12CL) offers educational leaders training to help improve student interactions based on research studies and the need for students to experience culturally relevant experiences in school settings. Using some findings gleaned from the dissertation “Stakeholders Experiences and Operations in Implementing an Elementary Civil Leadership Program” and seminal works from Gordon Allport & Gloria Ladson-Billings, K-12 Civil Leadership emerges as a body of work delivered through trainings to inspire education leaders to achieve positive social change, with the assistance of community organization leaders.

This K-12CL site features special guest bloggers, facets of K-12CL, resources, and relevant tips for graduate/doctoral students as a secondary measure to inform readers who desire to gain short bursts of information to help navigate cultural and ethnically diverse environments.

K-12 Civil Leadership™ is a subsidiary program of Sancho Education Group.

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